Sunpow 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The Sunpow electric pressure washer is a practical and simple tool to add to your collection. In this post we’ll cover some of the highlights of why this tool can help you manage your home, and maybe save you some money along the way.

  1. It’s well priced compared to gas alternatives. You can pick up this electric pressure washer for around $140-180, while gas pressure washers are easily double that price or higher.

2. When you couple this with a circular pressure washer (surface cleaner) attachment head, you can easily clean large flat spaces like driveways and patios with ease.

3. It’s so simple to use, and everything stores away nicely when you’re done using it. It’s everything you need to clean your home and vehicles, and nothing you don’t. You won’t overkill buying this pressure washer, and you won’t regret that you spent the money to buy it in the first place.

If you think about using this yourself on a regular basis, there’s tons of money you can save.

Carwashes: 20 x $12 annually = $240

Driveway cleaning: 2 x $150* annually = $300

Total potentially saved just on cleaning your home and car could be easily over $500 with this simple and practical investment.

An additional HIGHLY practical buy is these gear ties. One of the most useful things I’ve ever bought, they easily secure any sort of cords/rope/heavy items, I’ve even secured random items like pieces of fencing and beach toys with it.